A space is an integral part and an extension of the natural world around it, yet it reveals the individuality of those who reside there and allows people to interact meaningfully to create a deep sense of belonging.” Marilyn Finnemore, whose blog, www.importanceofplace.com explores why place is so vital to human well-being.

What’s behind the name?

Your Big Picture Cafe

Many people come into the café and say that they thought it was a framing shop, to which I reply, “If you’d like to frame your life, then you’re in the right place!” I believe there is a greater reason for everything, and if you stop and take the time to look, you might surprise yourself!

I wanted to create a place for people to meet, connect, create, learn, grow and love. When I considered what that could look like, I started reflecting on my past experiences, especially at Whole Foods Market. My customers were craving connection, meaningful conversation, someone to listen, someone to guide them towards the resources they needed to continue on their journey to wellness.

Nearly every day, I used the "big picture" analogy, because it was the easiest way to convey the importance of stepping back in order to see how all of the little pieces of life fit together. In order to do that, people need to feel comfortable, safe and calm in a place that connects community, but feels like home.

Your Big Picture Café offers deeper solutions than you’re likely to find elsewhere. Yes, we have a supplement to help support your body during stress, and we also have a yoga class on Monday, or reiki on Thursday…oh, or there’s a workshop beginning on Wednesday that can give you tips on how to deal with stress. How far you take it is up to you.

This is, after all, YOUR Big Picture Café. A place for YOU to come and look…or not. Make it your own. Wherever you are is perfect. And, whether or not it’s clear to you, it is all unfolding as it should. ☺
Welcome to the family.

Charlene Vairy’s Story


Charlene Vairy

I hold a Bachelor of Arts from Wheelock College in Boston, MA and have studied dietary supplements, herbs, aromatherapy, and homeopathy for over 13 years. I have also earned Certificates in Natural Products Manufacturing and Herbal Retail Management from American College of Healthcare Sciences and a Certificate in Coaching Happiness from Dr. Robert Holden. I am studying to earn a degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine from American College of Healthcare Sciences. In the end, I will be a Master Herbalist, Master Aromatherapist, Certified Homeopath and Wholistic Health Counselor.

I have worked in the natural products industry since 1999, shortly after my mother was diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer. I started my career at Wild Oats, then went to Whole Foods Market after the birth of my son in 2000, and was a representative for some of the best natural supplement products on the market. After working at Whole Foods Market for so many years, I was ready to take what I did there to the next level. It is those conversations that make a difference...that extra time...that meaningful hug. That is what separates wholistic health from all others: the time and love put forth.

Together with my husband and my father, I created the cafe in May 2010 in memory of my mother, Teddie, who passed in June 2007. My intention was to create a place that gives people the opportunity to integrate physical, emotional and spiritual wellness, the chance to step out of the everyday, and the occasion to take a moment to breathe. This intention has become the café’s mission.

It has evolved into something so much greater than I could have ever imagined. The café has an incredible, loyal customer following; has attracted amazing class leaders, teachers and presenters; and has become a warm, safe haven for many.